"Your Way" Facial Smoothie
Activated Charcoal
"Your Way" Facial Smoothie

"Your Way" Facial Smoothie

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This facial mask couldn't get more natural. Clays, botanicals, goat's milk and your choice of moist ingredient ( yogurt, honey, milk, witch hazel, your choices are endless) combine (starting at 4 parts smoothie to 1 part moist ingredient increase moisture slowly till you get it "your way")  to pamper your beautiful face. No time for a mask? Mix up a little for a mild cleanse with gentle exfoliating. Set includes: 2 oz Your way facial smoothie, bamboo bowl, wooden spoon for measuring smoothie, brush for applying smoothie.( $30.00 value)

Ingredients: arrowroot powder, colloidal oats, goat milk powder, kaolin clay, white rice powder, calendula flower, powder, honey powder, French yellow clay, white willow bark powder. Great for sensitive skin

Activated charcoal version also includes: activated charcoal powder, peppermint leaf powder, & neem powder. Your choice for toxin removal and blemish relief.